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Hammam Towel


Category: Textiles
Subcategory: Apparel

Hammam Towel

EAN: 7423527995940

Oxious has a wide range of high-quality hammam towels, made with a positive impact on people and the environment. For example, we developed our own hammam towels, which consist of 50% recycled materials. They are produced in our own production company in Turkey. We work with women there in a social context, where there is room for growth and development. Thanks to our production method, we achieved Sustainable A status. Oxious offers a representative business gift or unique promotional item for every company with a sustainable objective.

Delivery Regions:

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Health Footprint

Health Footprint 90%

  • Toxicity Production Process
  • Toxic substances in the production process, but managed by Law & Regulation
  • Toxicity Usage Process
  • No Toxic substances in the usage process
  • Lab Tested
Circular Footprint

Circular Footprint 100%

  • 50% Recycled Content Used
  • 100% Recyclable in Future
  • 100% Reusable in Future
  • 100% Renewable
  • Minimized Packaging
  • Recycled Packaging
Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint 75%

  • Carbon Compensation & Credit: Yes
Social Footprint

Social Footprint 80%

  • No child labour that deviates from national laws ánd ILO standards (e.g. that prevents children from going to school)
  • Equal opportunities for and non-discrimination of women and minorities
  • Workers are not hindered in any way in their freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Working in safe, fair and reasonable working conditions (incl. no forced labour)
  • Fair wages that allow for a standard of living in which housing, food, education and health care is affordable

Bill of Materials

Component Recycled Renewable Recyclable Weight Ratio
Yarn made of waste of textile productions 50% 100% 100% 50.00%
Oeketex certified virgin cotton 50% 100% 100% 50.00%


  • Audit Type: Desk Audit
  • Audit Date: 2022-03-22
  • Audit Version: 3.1

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The place where an end product is assembled out of components, or otherwise made from raw materials into the finished product that is provided.

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The country of origin refers to the country of production, or growth where a product or article comes from. The shipping of a product through another country does not change the origin.


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