Sewer Pipe System - AWADUKT PP SN10/ HPP SN16 – REHAU AG + CO


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Sewer Pipe System - AWADUKT PP SN10/ HPP SN16 – REHAU AG + CO

The AWADUKT PP SN10 / HPP SN16 is a system of sewer pipes made of the basic material Polypropylene. The dimensions range from diameter DN 110 up to DN 800 and cover the whole system with its pipes, fittings and sockets. So the sewer pipe system is suitable for almost any utilization and is flexibly applicable. All parts are made in Germany and manufactured at the plants Viechtach, Bavaria, Germany and Brake, Lower Saxony, Germany. While the pipes are shaped through an extrusion process, the fittings and sockets are produced through an injection molding process.

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Health Footprint 100%

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  • No Toxic substances in the production process
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  • No Toxic substances in the usage process
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