Handbook | 3.1

GSE-Standard & GSE-System

This is the handbook for all GSE-Standard related items, more on exemptions and more.

Handbook | 3.1

Sustainable Footprint Standard

The handbook for product related standards and exemptions and how we calculate all the ratings.

Platform Guides

Guide | 1.2

GSES Platform Explainer

If you are new to using the GSES System Platform, you can find all your answers here.

Guide | 1.1

Meta Standard Quick Guide

When you are starting with the meta standard, it always comes in help to know what you are expecting.

Additional Information

Info | 2021

GSES Brochure

For more information you can download this brochure and more insight on our services.

Info | 1.1

GSES Meta Standard

Do you want to know more about the meta standard and you wish to have insights, see this file.

Info | 2020

GSES Green Bonds Presentation

Calculate interest based on verified and real time data including our pillars and Taxonomy monitoring scheme's

Info | 2020

GSES Procurement Presentation

Procurement made easy, want to know more about all the procurement features?